1⁄2 oz Apple brandy (Lambig de Bretagne)
1⁄2 oz Blended Scotch, Grant and Sons (lightly peated)
1⁄2 oz Canadian whisky (Quebecois)
1⁄2 oz Herbal liqueur, Irish Mist (Irish Mist (sub Bushmills or Paddy or Jamesons if using Drambuie or lucky enough to find Chouchen))
1⁄4 oz Honey Liqueur (Drambuie or better yet Chouchen)
2 ds Bitters, Napa Valley (Toasted Oak)
2 ds Bitters

Stir with ice then strain into your old-fashioned glass to savor as it warms in your hand.


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Posted by jkim07 on 12/12/2019
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