In-depth work

Difficult drink in the first sips, but worth trying.
1 23 oz Bourbon, Elijah Craig
13 oz Suze
13 oz Jägermeister
13 oz Mirto (Myrtel 70 proof)
Stir, strain, coupe, Cherry garnish
Fainted hot and Fernet ?! Resulted in a hanky panky kind of drink. Bitterness with Suze and mirto, with spices from Jager with floral and fruity notes from mirto. Not too sweet and not too boozy. Some perfume notes in mouth. Rounded by corn from Bourbon.
Having some drinks at home with an old friend not seen in years. I bought a bottle of mirto liqueur a few days ago, the same brand available in la commune cocktail bar, and though it maybe worth buying one.
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