2⁄3 oz Aromatized wine, Lillet Rouge
2⁄3 oz Sweet vermouth
2⁄3 oz Dry vermouth
2⁄3 oz Bourbon
1 spl Campari

Shake on ice, strain into vessel of choice; place in freezer for 16 minutes. Enjoy as a Martian would!


The idea is a red-ish, brown-ish, dry, tart, very cold drink - a metaphor for the planetary conditions we know about (substitute your available choice of red and dry fine liquor).....the exotic flavors in this recipe represent the rare-Earth (interesting phrase) elements, compounds, and minerals of the planet that we know about.....the length of time in freezer is for the number of months a round trip would take (crystals will form!)


The history here is obvious, Earthlings!

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J., 'Bar, One, Too', Virginia
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