1 1⁄2 oz Bourbon (something high rye eg OGD 114)
3⁄4 oz Amaro Sibilla
1⁄3 oz Cherry syrup (from Luxardo cherries)
1⁄4 oz Absinthe, St. George

Stir, strain over a large cube in a double Old Fashioned, two cherries on a pick.


Entrelacement is a literary technique (especially used by Tolkien in The Two Towers and Return of the King) where stories are interlaced - usually leapfrogging over one another in a cohesive whole. The amaro is the ground here, and cherries and absinthe play remarkably well together. The rye sometimes matches the absinthe and sometimes the amaro.

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It is tasty and interesting. I used what I had on hand: Wild Turkey Rare Breed and Pernod Absinthe. If I did it over I would use 1/4 oz of Rittenhouse to boost the rye with 1.25 oz Rare Breed to better balance the mash bill with respect to rye in the Old Grand Dad 114 that is called for. The Sibilla was somewhat less present than I had hoped.