1 1⁄2 oz Bourbon, Elijah Craig (12 Year Bourbon of any kind can be substituted.)
3⁄4 oz Suze
3⁄4 oz Ramazzotti

Stir over ice in a mixing glass, strain into an old fashioned glass with one very large ice cube. No garnish.


A Negroni style drink, modeled after the Boulevardier but switching out the


Created in 2018 by home bar enthusiast Kevin Coleman from Longmont, CO.

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Picture of The Colevardier
Posted by aberu on 3/10/2018
Created by
Kevin Coleman, Home Bar Enthusiast, Longmont, CO (United States)
Is the
author's original creation
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4 stars
(29 ratings)
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From other users
  • A little more bourbon is more balanced.. 2/.75/.75
  • Very nice. I liked it better with Buffalo Trace than with Elijah Craig. — ★★★★
  • A very good Boulevardier variant. Complex, herby, delicious — ★★★★★
  • No Suze, so I used Strega (I know, but they're both yellow, right?) and added cherry bitters. I'll try again with some Suze and update. Maybe then a 5? — ★★★★
  • Very nice - gentian comes through nicely with a vermouthy/bourbony backbone. — ★★★★
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I made many times the Colevardier,  and will do again. Very nice mix.

I tried  tonight 1.5 oz mellow corn, 0.5 Suze, 0.5 Monténégro, 1 dash orange bitter. Strangely i think it tasted mostly Corn whisky. Like if Monténégro emphasized corn whisky taste and added Just a bit of Spice with slight bitterness from Suze. 

More in a gentiane bittered old fashioned  way?

Solid Bully variation, I like the Suze + dark amaro combination.  Also tried with Abano, probably prefer that to the Ramazzotti.  Then again I like Abano over most amari.

And Elijah Craig went NAS back in 2016 (supposedly a blend of 8-12 year whiskies now), so it hasn't carried a 12 year age statement for awhile.  There are a variety of retailer 11 year single barrel bottlings however.

ictman commented on 5/03/2021:

This is an okay cocktail. I love Boulevardiers, Amaro, Bourbon and really love Suze. Yet this is lacking something, not quite sure what.I didn't hate ti but probably won't make it again.