Jardin Féerique

12 oz Absinthe, Mephisto
1 12 oz Gin, Death's Door
2 ds Bitters, Bitter Truth Celery
2 t Lemon juice
8 oz Tonic water
Put 4 ice cubes into a ~12 oz tall glass. Add absinthe,gin,bitters,lemon juice and swirl around to mix. Top off glass with tonic water. Stir and serve.
This combination of absinthe, gin, and bitters give an earthy flavor and brings out the sweetness in the tonic water. You can also substitute lime juice for lemon juice.
It started from a trail and error of what tastes good together.
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Since the recipe has very

Since the recipe has very specific ingredients, I have tried variations to see if the recipe can 'opened' up. I have tried both Ransom Old Tom and
Plymouth for the gin; they both work but the Death's Door gives you a better flavor. With the tonic water, I have tried brands with and without corn syrup sweetener. It turns out, the corn syrup sweetener works better.

Always hate to be negative

Always hate to be negative but not really a fan. In fairness, did not have Death's Door on hand so used Berkshire Mountain Greylock. Not surprisingly, the absinthe dominates. Couldn't see serving as an alternative to a G&T.