1 1⁄4 oz Gin, Plymouth
1 1⁄4 oz Amaro Meletti
1 twst Orange peel

Stir, strain, cocktail glass, garnish

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Created by
Employees Only, NY, NY
Is of
unknown authenticity
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4.5 stars
(24 ratings)
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  • Made with Tanq and grapefruit twist, since that's what I had on hand. Mineral on swallow. Finishes with an appealing tingle. A bit syrupy.
  • Lovely.
  • Swapped vya sweet for the carpano. Much less sweet but thinner.
  • A little on the sweet side, but I've played with the ratios, and equal parts always wins. I recently aged a Nerina in a 2 L barrel for 4 weeks and it was fantastic.
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Dan commented on 2/05/2012:

Has anyone tried this? I realize it's a Negroni variation, with the little-used Meletti in lieu of Campari. It does seem a bit sweet, but worth trying. I'm wondering if splitting the Punt e Mes with some dry vermouth would be needed, or maybe it's great as written.

I also wonder if rye or bourbon would work, since the chocolaty Meletti seems compatible with brown spirits. Or rum, of course.


I would guess that EO is going for the Punt e Mes = Sweet vermouth + bitter thing which might give enough bitterness to make the Meletti act like Campari. I think Meletti is regional New York - we don't have it down here. I seem to remember it as honeyed.

I think it would be great as a Boulevardier riff.



I've tried this and I like it quite a bit, though I suspect you might find it too sweet as written. I'd say the sweetness is bit more than a Negroni made with Gran Classico and Cocchi vermouth di Torino, for example. The Meletti and Punt e Mes are delicious together. I tried this as a Boulevardier variation using Bulleit Rye, and it was good, but I prefer the more prominent amaro flavors in the gin version.

Delicious. I added a dash of wormwood bitters to offset the sweet Meletti a bit. Really good.

I rather like this one (4/5, but would lean towards 4.5 if it were an option). It is sweeter than a Negroni, but that is likely by design rather than a flaw. The combo of Meletti and Punt e Mes provides sufficient bitters, and the sweetness doesn't regress to caramel or chocolate--more berry/grape/orange fruity instead. There is a slight rhubarb (?) tartness countering the fruit. The Plymouth seems to work well.