Peanut Colada

1 oz Armagnac
1 13 oz Peanut milk (see note)
13 oz Lime juice
12 sli Pineapple (0.5 to 1 inch)
1 pn Salt
Blend all with 4 ice cubes. Pour in glass. I 've strained the mix before serving. And served it on rocks.
Peanut milk: blend 30 grams unsalted peanuts+ 3 1/5 oz water. Fine strain. Blend again with 5 tea spoons sugar.
The syndicat cocktail bar published a lot of recipes on instagram during quarantine. They tend to use a lot of waters/ milks, made by blending one ingredient with water. i thought it was a great idea for highballs and low abv drinks. They only use french spirits and liqueurs.
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