Pearl of Puebla

....a Mexican rendition of a French Pearl.
2 oz Mezcal, Sombra
34 oz Yellow Chartreuse
34 oz Lime juice
4 spg Oregano (Fresh)
1 bsp Pastis, Ricard
1 bsp Agave syrup
Muddle the oregano and agave nectar. Add everything else, then shake with ice and fine-strain into a chilled coupe. No garnish.
From other users
  • Used Sacrificio mezcal and Herbsaint. In the neighborhood of a Lawn Dart, which I think I prefer. — ☆☆☆
  • Made, most recently, with Pierde Almas Maguey de Lumbre mezcal. Also, substituted Vieux Pontarlier absinthe for the pastis. Amazing smoky vegetal flavor from the mezcal and oregano combination. — ☆☆☆☆☆
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Nicely balanced drink! The

Nicely balanced drink! The pastis and oregano work really well together, and I was skeptical... I used Vida mezcal which maybe didn't pack enough of a smoky punch, so I added a bit more and some celery bitters to give it a little more zing. I'll have to try again with the recommended mezcal if I can find it...