1 2⁄3 oz Blended Scotch (Compass Box Asyla)
2⁄3 oz Lemon juice
2 t Honey syrup (3:1 with hot water)
2 t Ginger juice (sweetened 4:3 with white sugar)
2 t Islay Scotch (Compass Box Peat Monster, as float)

Shake, strain, float. Garnish with a slice of either fresh or candied ginger on a pick

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Posted by Jaxon on 9/19/2011
Created by
Sam Ross, Milk and Honey
Is an
authentic recipe
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From other users
  • 2 quarter-size slices of ginger muddled No ginger juice -- double amount of honey syrup JW Red; Laphroiag 10 ---------------------------
  • Delicious! A true classic. If you have access to Pratt Standard Ginger Syrup, it makes a delicous one: I do 1.75 dewars, .5 Laphroaig 10, 1oz lemon, .5 honey syrup. Rub glass w/fresh ginger. — ★★★★★
  • This is different than the recipe I use
  • Had this one (expertly constructed) at Star Bar in Tokyo. Extremely balanced! — ★★★★
  • Used 1/2 oz ginger syrup and 1/4 oz straight honey. Floated the Islay. The burn of the ginger and the subtle smoke of the floated Scotch work together in interesting ways. — ★★★★★
  • Very good. Used honey and King's Ginger with Balvenie. Even Robin liked it. — ★★★★
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I’ve been making this cocktail a little differently. I make a honey-ginger simple syrup,1:1 honey to water. I add sliced fiber to the syrup and simmer for a few minutes and let sit overnight to strain in the morning.

2oz blended scotch

.5oz ginger honey syrup 

.5oz lemon juice

1oz islay float

I’m a big fan of it this way 

The recipe version I use is a bit more ginger forward. It involves putting some fresh ginger while making the honey syrup. It also involves muddling a bit of fresh ginger in the bottom of the shaker. It also involves no ginger juice not even sure what that is).  Also, as I am not a fan of a lot of peat, I prefer to float with something more of a Speyside or Highland sort.  It's a very good cocktail.