1⁄2 oz Herbal liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse
1⁄2 oz Cognac VSOP
2 ds Absinthe
1 spg Mint (garnish)
1 t Butterfly pea powder (see note)

Tie the sprig of mint around the stem of a Nick & Nora glass. Shake remainder of ingredient and double strain into the glass.


Butterfly pea powder is the powdered flowers of the butterfly pea - its blue, but turns purple with acid. Check Amazon or health/natural food stores.

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Justin Lavenue of the Roosevelt Room
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authentic recipe
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  • Really lovely flavor, licorice from the absinthe and mint are nice on the nose. Did without the butterfly pea powder, but that would have brought it to the level.
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Curated this. Added butterfly pea powder that the citation calls for and makes the drink weirdly blue-purple (like a Petunia). Added year estimate. Thanks,  Zachary