1 sli Cucumber
1 sli Lemon
1 spg Mint

Muddle aromatics, add ice, Pimm's, ginger ale, and stir. Fernet Branca Float.

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Is of
unknown authenticity
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3.5 stars
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  • Make w/less ginger beer and/or splash Domaine de Canton
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I made this using ginger beer instead of ginger ale; I think this would taste better with more like 1 oz ginger ale (or beer), as it pretty much drowned out the Pimm's and Fernet Branca. But it is refreshing and a good idea otherwise.

Instead of ginger ale, I tried this with 0.5oz canton and a small splash of soda. That is my favorite version so far, and about the only compelling Pimm's cocktail I've tried, but I'd like more ginger flavor. Might try muddling a little fresh ginger with the lemon and mint next time.