Rack Punch

2   Lemon (peel and juice)
5 oz Sugar (Black sugar, see note)
8 oz Green tea (hot, from 1 Tbsp tea)
6 oz Batavia Arrack
6 oz Water
4 oz Lemon juice (strained)
1 pn Nutmeg (as garnish)
Make an oleo-saccharum: in a bowl, muddle lemon peel and black sugar hard to release oils, cover with plastic wrap and place somewhere warm for an hour. Add the tea and stir to dissolve the sugar. Let this cool, strain out the peels, then add the remaining ingredients, which should make about 25 ounces of punch. Strain this into a bottle and refrigerate, garnishing with nutmeg for service
The black sugar I have is Indonesian in origin, and comes as sticks that are gritty, a few inches long, and tan in the middle, but very dark brown otherwise.
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