2 oz Cynar
1⁄2 oz Lemon juice
3 ds Wormwood bitters

Shake, strain, big cube, lowball, brace yourself.


Like a whiskey sour, but with large attachments.

Cocktail summary
Posted by Dan on 3/23/2016
Created by
Dan Chadwick, Kindred Cocktails
Is of
unknown authenticity
Not yet rated
4.5 stars
(7 ratings)
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From other users
  • Wow! Excellent use of Cynar. I used Ardmore peated and a quarter oz of absinthe instead of wormwood biters. — ★★★★
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Wow! Smoky nose, tastes exactly like chinotto soda. Used Peychaud's due to extreme lack of bottles for the moment.

Surprised I haven't tried this one before.  Have a few bottles of Lap 10 that I'm looking to work down, and stumbled upon this.  It's quite good.  As the previous commenter mentioned, this is similar to Chinotto (though with a metallic, ashy finish to me).