Stir, strain, lowball big ice. Garnish lemon peel.

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Created by
Stephen Cole, The Violet Hour, Chicago
Is an
authentic recipe
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4.5 stars
(25 ratings)
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  • I did a full tiny lemon, which was way too much. Probably just need half a small. I could tell this is a great drink though.
  • Simple, with cynar
  • A favorite. I love the way the lemon comes through; less bitter than the search for delicious and I think a bit more compelling
  • 2/1/0.75
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So... this drink. I think that this was the original. It inspired Kirk Estopinal at Cure in New Orleans to come up with the Search for Delicious, which was featured in Beta Cocktails. I would guess that (as Misty Kalkofen put it) a "game of telephone" ensued and thus the Little Giuseppe. All three are significant. Thanks, Zachary

yarm commented on 10/18/2022:

It's listed as 2009 in The Bartender's Manifesto book which is simultaneous with Misty's Little Giuseppe.

So delicious and well balanced! I like to add an ounce of gin to proof it up.

yarm commented on 1/27/2023:

For the longest time, I thought this and the Little Giuseppe were a jab at Giuseppe Gonzalez but Stephen Cole attributes the name to a chef friend of his with the genesis story involving, "One night an Italian chef I knew came into the bar for a drink. I thought he'd like a Cynar Manhattan."