Vienna, September 13th, 1683

1 oz Coffee (brewed, cold)
34 oz Mezcal, Alipus San Balthazar
34 oz Genever, Bols Barrel Aged
34 oz Zwack Unicum
14 oz Suze
14 oz Orgeat
1 bsp Bitters, Boker's
3 ds Bitters, Scrappy's Lime
3 dr Bitters, Scrappy's Cardamon
Shake, strain into a double old fashioned glass with a large ice cube.
Sorry for the weird/hard to find ingredients. The Mezcal is literally mothball tasting - it drives the primary flavor profile of the drink. Some ingredients give coffee flavors (Unicum, coffee, Bokers). Some give menthol/cardamom (mezcal, bitters, Suze). Orgeat is texture and mouthfeel and to give a Tiki feel.
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