Combine in a shaking tin with ice; shake; serve in chilled glassware


This may not be the best and final ratios, but I got it to a point that I enjoyed it.


I've been intrigued by how to use Creme de Violette outside of a few tried-and-true cocktails, but find it pretty florally aggressive. I decided to try something different - one of the main flavor compounds in violet is alpha-anole; I tried combining different elements of a ~sort-of Daisy that all included alpha-anole as part of their chemistry. (Celery, grapes, blackberries, grapefruit.)

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I like it !! I'm a huge fan of Creme de Violette, and just bought my very first bottle of Creme de Mure ...... and used 1/2 oz of each (instead of 1/4). And I don't have celery bitters, so I used cranberry bitters.

So glad you liked it! I really recommend the celery bitters (in general) - they provide a sort of hard-to-pin down flavor that I want to call a bit spicy for lack of a better word.

It's tasty but too sweet for me. I upped the grapefruit but will cut back on the Creme de mure next time as it was a bit overpowering