Wintery Mix

2 oz Gin (11 Wells - Ecgberht Gin)
34 oz Orange chocolate liqueur, Distillerie de Biercée Orangine
12 bsp Absinthe (La Fée - XS Absinthe Suisse)
2 ds Bitters (Five Watt - Gin Bitters)
Stir till especially cold (~50 seconds), and pour into a chilled cocktail glass
La Fée XS Absinthe Suisse has the traditional anise flavor but goes much deeper into mint and herbal notes. The orangine is a orange/cocoa liqueur. Any well balanced gin would work nicely
This is one of those culinary "triads", where three flavors/ingredients blend with their neighbor: gin + orange, orange + chocolate, and incredibly chocolate + gin.
Jason Westplate
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