1 12 oz Dry apricot brandy
34 oz Batavia Arrack (scant)
34 oz Orange juice (scant)
14 oz Gin (scant)
14 oz Triple sec, Cointreau (scant)
Shake and strain into cocktail glass. Add chunk of pineapple
Converted from wonky percentages - Each 3/4 - 1/4 pairing should add up to 3/4 oz. Garnish should either be a wheel or spear of pineapple.
Found in the 1937 U.K. Bartender's Guild manual, Harry Craddock, President
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Meh. Used Blume Marillen and

Meh. Used Blume Marillen and von Oosten, two fairly pricey ingredients. Not worth the ingredient cost. I question whether 1 tsp of gin is detectable. An okay drink, but I wouldn't return to it.