Brown sugar is a type of sugar that contains a small percentage of molasses, which adds a brown color, some moisture, and a small amount of molasses flavor. Brown sugar was the original kind of sugar, as before modern refining processes made white, fine grained sugar possible, sugar was made from evaporating cane juice, which results in a naturally brown product.

Today, most brown sugar is divided into light and dark types, where the only difference is the amount of molasses added. Other types of brown sugar include Muscovado (which is made from evaporated cane juice, and is very dark), Demerrara and Turbinado (which are made from centrifuging crystallized cane juice). 

Other types of brown sugar include Piloncillo, a cone shaped, rock hard Mexican sugar, date sugar, common in Middle Eastern desserts, and Japanese black sugar. 

Brown sugar adds dimension, complexity and a rounder sweetness than white sugar does to cocktails. 

Some popular cocktails containing Brown sugar

  • Apple and Eve — Bison grass vodka, Lemon juice, Gomme syrup, Egg white, Brown sugar, Apple
  • The Renegade — Scotch, Peychaud's Bitters, Club soda, Brown sugar, Cranberry shrub, Orange peel
  • 5 O'Clock Tea — Gin, Jamaican #1 bitters, Heavy whipping cream, Brown sugar
  • Bufala Negra — Bourbon, Ginger beer, Simple syrup, Brown sugar, Basil
  • Spiked & Spiced Hot Cider — Bourbon, Bitters, Apple cider, Clove, Cinnamon stick, Allspice, Brown sugar, Orange, Lemon
  • Hot Buttered Rum — Dark rum, Water, Butter, Brown sugar, Cinnamon
  • Italian Rivalry (aka Monte Old-Fashioned) — Bourbon, Cognac, Amaro Montenegro, Brown sugar, Lemon peel, Orange peel
  • Variation on a Mai Tai — Light rum, Gold rum, Dark rum, Brandy, Lime juice, Orange juice, Brown sugar, Pineapple juice, Orgeat, Grenadine
  • Michikopirinha — Cachaça, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, Bitters, Lime, Brown sugar, Blood orange
  • Basil Lime Daiquiri — Light rum, Water, Lime juice, Brown sugar, Basil, Lime