Spiked & Spiced Hot Cider

128 oz Apple cider (non-alcoholic)
25 oz Bourbon
24 ds Bitters, Angostura
13 c Brown sugar
2   Orange (large, sliced, 1/4 wheels)
1   Lemon (large, sliced, 1/4 wheels)
20   Clove
10   Cinnamon stick
10   Allspice (whole berries)
Stir all into large slow cooker. Heat on high for 2 hours. Lower to warm setting and stir before serving.
Adjust bitters, sugar, and spices to taste.
Thrown together for a '70s-themed Christmas party. At roughly 5:1 cider:bourbon, it's boozy enough to know there's some "good stuff" in it, but not so strong that your guests are falling down after a few cups.
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