8 Amaro Sazerac

14 oz Amaro Meletti
14 oz Aperol
14 oz Amaro, Lazzaroni
14 oz Ramazzotti
14 oz Campari
14 oz Amaro Sibilla, Varnelli
14 oz CioCiaro
14 oz Averna
4 ds Peychaud's Bitters
1 ds Orange cream citrate, Bittermens
1 rinse Green Chartreuse
Stir, strain into an old fashioned glass rinsed with Green Chartreuse
Though I don't believe this was part of the original recipe, I usually express the oil from a lemon peel per a traditional Sazerac
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I think that the recipe for

I think that the recipe for the 8 Amaro Sazerac is a moving target -- the one in AlcoholProfessor from 2019 lists only 3 overlaps, 1 similarity, and 4 differences in the amari build. It does include the lemon twist that was in question. The drink was on the opening menu of Amor y Amargo so that would put its genesis at 2011 (or earlier).