Adonis Cocktail (Dale Degroff Variation)

1 oz Dry vermouth, Vya
12 oz Fino sherry
1 oz Orange juice
12 oz Dry vermouth
2 ds Orange bitters, Regans' orange bitters
1 twst Orange peel (flamed, as garnish)
1   Nutmeg (grated, as garnish, optional)
Shake vermouth, sherry, juice, and bitters with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Flame orange peel over top and dust with nutmeg, if you're using it.
The original Adonis is 2/3 Sherry (assumed to be dry), 1/3 Sweet vermouth, 1 dash orange bitters, stirred.
Named for the Broadway musical "Adonis". Probably of 19th century origin, with an unknown creator. This version is in Dale Degroff's "The Essential Cocktail"

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Curated quite a bit. So...

Curated quite a bit. So... this is Degroff's adaptation of the 19th century Adonis cocktail. As you can see, the adaptation is wildlyy different from the original. Degroff specifically calls for 1 oz Vya dry and 1/2 oz generic dry vermouth, and a flamed orange peel. His version is shaken, where the original is stirred. Updated notes to show original version, history, and provided a link to the Degroff book on Amazon to show the cocktail.