Brave Bootlegger

1 12 oz Rye, Rittenhouse 100
34 oz Mozart Black
14 oz Fernet Branca
Stir with ice and pour unstrained into a rocks glass. Garnish with a wide lemon twist.
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I have not seen Mozart for

I have not seen Mozart for sale here in the Boston area. In particular, I'm keen to try Mozart Dry chocolate spirit. Where did you find Mozart Black? Maybe I could talk them into ordering some Dry.

Hi, sorry, totally missed

Hi, sorry, totally missed this comment. I was lucky enough to have a friend bring a bottle of Mozart Black back from England for me. I also have the Mozart Dry and the Mozart chocolate bitters. The bitters may actually be my favorite of the three, but they are all great. I very much hope to see Mozart products on shelves around Boston in the near future.

4 out 5. Interesting favors,

4 out 5. Interesting favors, considering I subbed out Crater rye for the Rittenhouse as I'd just finished off the last of the orphan bottle we had. Also needed to eyeball some Zaya 12year and a little Creme de cacao and I doubt Mozart anything will be available in Hawaii anytime soon. (somehow we survive)