3⁄4 oz Genepy, Dolin Genepy des Alpes
1⁄3 oz Ancho Reyes chile liqueur
1⁄3 oz Simple syrup
1 Brandied cherry, Luxardo
1 lf Sage

Smoke rocks glass with sage leaf. In a stirring vessel pour Whiskey, Genepy, and Ancho Reyes with ice and stir to chill. Strain and pour over ice sphere. Float angostura bitters and peychaud bitters. Garnish with Luxardo cherry.


For my friend Griff. Enjoy.


This is a bit of a play on an improved whiskey cocktail, with a little extra jazz.

“The potion is a rich honey color and swirls lazily around, regardless of how it's handled. It can be found in any sort of vessel, though it is usually found in glass jars. The eye of a shapeshifter drifts along the potion's bottom, making it a daunting beverage for the average taverngoer to order. It has an extremely strong alcoholic taste with a hint of caramel. Due to its magical nature, the alcohol within this potion affects a creature twice as much as the alcohol within a nonmagical beverage.” -The Griffons Saddlebag

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Created by
Bert Bedford and Dani Dimon
Is the
author's original creation
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A clever potion. The burnt/smoked sage (I use an inverted lidded mixing jar to capture the smoke, then add the chilled liquid ingredients to infuse, before pouring over a large ice sphere) reinforced the smokey umami of the ancho. The Genepy's characteristic flavor was somewhat hidden/subdued in the background, with the liqueur primarily providing some sweetness and depth. This is a potent mix at nearly 95 proof before dilution, but you won't realize it is that hot while drinking it.