Caractacus Potts

A watermelon gin sour
3 oz Gin (Bombay)
2 oz Watermelon juice
12 oz Lime juice (to taste)
1 bsp Simple syrup
2 oz Seltzer water (to top)
Shake everything but the seltzer, double strain into a Collins glass full of ice, top with selzter.
Finishing it with seltzer makes this drink more approachable, which is important because I find that this is a very nice early-in-the-day sipper. It's also very representative of springtime around these parts with it's beautiful pink color and gin-botanical character.
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Curated this - changed parts

Curated this - changed parts to ounces. Cleaned up some of the notes section. Revised instructions to match the cited link. This is very similar to the Endless Summer and the Watermelon Gin Cooler. Thanks,  Zachary