Champagne Cocktail, no. 3

In the Charming Style of the Jocky Club, Rio de Janeiro
4 cube Ice
1 cube Sugar
4 ds Orange bitters
1 wdg Pineapple
1 twst Lime peel
6 oz Champagne
1 T Triple sec, Cointreau
Choose a large tapering champagne cocktail glass; inside of this build a tower of 4 ice cubes, crown it with a lump of sugar saturated with 4 dashes of orange bitters. Against the sides of the glass lean 2 sticks of ripe fresh pineapple, encircle the ice tower with a spiral of green lime peel, and fill with well chilled champagne, medium dry, and not too acid in type. Now as the crowning gesture carefully float on 1 tbsp of Cointreau.
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