Count Loretto

1 34 oz Bourbon, Maker's Mark
1 oz Fernet Branca
12 oz Barbados Rum, Mount Gay Eclipse Black
1 twst Orange peel
Stir, strain, rocks, twist. Alternatively, pour into three shot glasses and shoot.
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  • Definitely reduce the Fernet Branca by half, at least! Also increase the whiskey and/or rum. Perhaps add two dashes of orange bitters. — ☆☆
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"Count Loretto" should be

"Count Loretto" should be considered as a WORK IN PROGRESS. I made this cocktail in a half-portion, and I'm glad I did, because making a full portion would have been a waste of good whiskey, rum, and Fernet Branca.

As is, the Fernet Branca overwhems the rum, and nearly overwhelms the whiskey. After the initial taste, I eye-balled my additions, adding 1/8 oz each of whiskey and rum, and 2 drops of Fee Bros. gin barrel-aged orange bitters.

Without these changes, I rate the libation at 2.0; with the changes I rate it at 2.5.