El Tamarindo

1 12 oz Rum, Pusser's
1 12 oz Agua de tamerindo (homemade, see note)
3 oz Club soda
1 wdg Lime (as garnish)
Build in collins glass filled with ice, stir gently, garnish with lime.
To make the aqua de tamarindo, take 8 tamarind pods, shell removed (or about 8 tablespoons of block tamarind paste) and add it and half a cup of piloncillo (Mexican brown sugar) to 1 quart of simmering water. Simmer for 1 minute, remove from the heat and pour into a bowl. Let the tamarind soak for two hours, then using your hands, rub the pods to remove the tamarind paste. Strain and bottle.
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Curated this. H/T to Rafa

Curated this. H/T to Rafa above. Removed Jarritos as a brand of agua de tamarindo.. it's a tamarind flavored soda, not what the recipe calls for. Added garnish. Transcribed agua de tamarindo recipe from the link cited. Corrected spelling of the drink.