Emperor Norton

34 oz Batavia Arrack, Van Oosten
34 oz Fernet Branca
12 oz Green Chartreuse
34 oz Ginger syrup (spicy)
34 oz Lime juice
12 oz Demerara Rum, Lemon Hart 151 (as float)
Shake, strain, rocks, garnish, float.
Norton I, né Joshua Norton, was a 19th Century San Francisco vagrant and beloved social fixture who declared himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, a declaration indulged by San Francisco high society and lovers of the odd and extraordinary alike. I honor His Imperial Majesty with an appropriately eccentric and elaborate drink befitting the breadth and grandeur of his Empire, with a notable appearance by Fernet Branca, his capital city's equally unusual and beloved amaro of choice.
His Imperial Majesty Norton I.
From other users
  • 1st sip was a bit too much, but after that I appreciated the balancing of these funky ingredients. — ☆☆☆☆
  • Absinthe over rum
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