Foggy Notion

Another shrub from my mind, if you dont mind
2 oz Gin, Plymouth
14 oz Triple sec, Cointreau
14 oz Simple syrup
14 oz Lime juice
34 oz Sherry vinegar (blackberry infused)
Shake all but vinegar with ice. Strain onto rocks or crushed in a rocks glass, depending on your level of tart vs. Quench. Top with vinegar, which should fall to the bottom making the first sip bracing and subsequent sips sweeter... Its fun!
For the vinegar i used blis IX; a nine year bourbon-maple barrel aged sherry vinegar. The tart vs quenching question should be asked before deploying such a cocktail. What sort of drinkers have you and what do thy like.... If a very tart shrub would get sent back by even one guest... Serve it o'er crushed and save the ace in the hole(o'er rocks) for someone who really wants to pucker.... That'll save you from pouring more vinegar... Stuff aint cheap! for the vinegar i took a wide mouthed 500ml bottle and filled it to the top with the freshest and sweetest blackberries i could find. than fill said bottle thusly with as much sherry vinegar as i could fit. let sit for at least 11 days and indefinately. dont use it till the fruit takes the sharpness of of the vinegar. itll still be tart, but just less sharp. my bottle has been sittin on the fruit since late november. ill try to put it in the background when i upload a pic.
A guest started asking me when i would make another shrub right after i rolled out the first one.... It took a while(sorry, paul) but it is done.
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David, If you'd rather have


If you'd rather have the vinegar be correct (Sherry Vinegar, Blis IX), I can do that. Do you have a ratio and instructions for the blackberry infusion? I'll add it to the notes.