2 oz Brandy (Or bourbon)
1 twst Lemon peel (long spiral, set in glass)

Build in an ice-filled collins glass. The lemon twist should be long and loopy. Add bourbon or brandy, top with ginger ale.



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Posted by Ajvan on 11/30/2019
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Odd that this classic wasn't already in the database! Curated to add ginger ale to ingredients list.

sgls commented on 7/12/2020:

Dale De Groff's Art of the Cocktail uses 1 1/2 oz bourbon and 4 oz ginger ale, while being less specific about the amount of bitters. The book also provides instructions for making the horse's neck lemon peel.

Imbibe Magazine April 2014

Adapted from the classic by Garrett Van Vteck, The Shady Lady Saloon


1.5 oz Bourbon

1/2 oz giner syrup

3-4 dashes Angostura bitters

Chilled soda water

lemon peel for Garnish 

Combine the bourbon, syrup and bitters in a highball glass and stir to combine.  Fill the glass with ice and top with chilled soda.  Remove the zest rom a whole lemon in one long strip for garnish