2⁄3 oz Averna
1 bsp Herbal liqueur, Chartreuse
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)

Build all ingredients in an old fashioned glass. Stir with ice and garnish with an orange twist.


The punt e mes is necessary in this due to its added bitterness. The drink doesn’t quite work with most other sweet vermouths.


Created by Alex Vowles for the cocktail competition “The Perfect Blend”.

Cocktail summary
Created by
Alex Vowles, Bar Lafayette, Perth Western Australia, Australia.
Is the
author's original creation
5 stars
4.5 stars
(22 ratings)
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From other users
  • Too sweet for me and not enough biterness from the punt e mes to balance it out.
  • Lagavulin for Islay scotch. Very nice. I didn't have Punt e Mes...so used 1/3 Vitorre Sweet Vermouth and 1/3 Campari. — ★★★★★
  • An awesome boulevardier riff that uses the smoke of Laphroaig in an interesting way with the Averna. Great after a meal or as a nightcap! — ★★★★★
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Is the "chartreuse" specified here Green Chartreuse?

I confirm, does not work with Cocchi Torino.

Or maybe also because of izarra green i've used instead of Chartreuse.


Cocchi's equivalent would be Dopo Teatro Vermouth Amaro. It seems to work with that, though it is still a bit sweet for my personal taste. I might propose switching to a green Chartreuse rinse.

Excellent. I used Green Chartreuse and the other ingredients exactly as specified. Delightful balance. For a less sweet drink, I'd split the Punt e Mes 50/50 with dry vermouth.