1 oz Herbal liqueur, Green Chartreuse
1⁄2 oz Islay Scotch, Laphroaig (quarter cask)
1⁄4 oz Herbal liqueur, Yellow Chartreuse
1 twst Lemon peel (as garnish)

Shake, double-strain, rocks, double old-fashioned, garnish

Cocktail summary
Posted by Dan on 6/06/2010
Created by
Owen Westman, Bourbon and Branch, San Francisco, CA
Is an
authentic recipe
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4.5 stars
(8 ratings)
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Did this up last night with the cask strength 10 year old as that's what I had on hand. It's one of the few cocktails I've tried with this much green chartreuse where it didn't overwhelm the cocktail. Smoky, herbal, yet oddly refreshing.