1⁄2 oz Ancho Reyes chile liqueur
1⁄2 oz CioCiaro

Stir and strain over one big rock. Garnish with Orange zest.


I have used the exact recipe as well as swapping out the Mezcal, amaro and sweet vermouth for other brands, and the formula worked very well on all counts.

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Created by
The Botanist, Portland, OR
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authentic recipe
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4 stars
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A very nice mezcal cocktail. The moderate ancho heat blends harmoniously into the mezcal, mellowing the earthy/smokiness of the latter. The CioCiaro blends smoothly while broadening the flavor profile. The volume is to the small side, increasing to 1.5: 3/4: 3/4: 3/8 would make for a standard fill.