1 oz Gin, Hendrick's
1⁄2 oz Lime juice
1⁄2 oz Cinnamon syrup

Shake, strain over one big rock, garnish with five Maraschino cherries on a skewer and, optionally, a placeholder engagement ring.


It makes you prone to crime and sin. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk8vs1pKW5A

Cocktail summary
Created by
Hal Wolin, The Cocktail Guru, Inc., New York Team, USA
Is an
authentic recipe


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4 stars
(22 ratings)
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From other users
  • I only had Crema de Mezcal so I used that, but it was still really good. I love the form factor of the giant cube with this drink. — ★★★★
  • We both like this, but K prefers with an equal-split in base (3/4 oz ea gin+mezcal). — ★★★★
  • Responsible use of mezcal and clever construction. — ★★★
  • Subbed Becharovka for cinnamon syrup. One or two too many things going on in this, to my taste. — ★★★
  • Made with 2:1 turbinado syrup. This is really really good. Luxardo and Mezcal work well together, though I might lower the amount of Luxardo to a heavy 1/4 next time. — ★★★★★
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agreed on the luxardo, dialed it back a bit and subbed falernum for cinnamon syrup

Subbed Del Maguey Las Milpas for the Hendricks & Vida, worked out nice.