2 oz Apple brandy, Lairds Bonded
14 oz Becherovka
14 oz Apricot liqueur
12 oz Simple syrup
1 ds Bitters, Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel Aged
Build over crushed ice in old fashioned glass and swizzle. Top with more crushed ice and serve with straw(s).
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AmyJ's picture

Nice to have cocktails with

Nice to have cocktails with Bercherovka, since it survived the flight back from Prague! This one works with Giffard Ginger instead of the apricot liqueur too. Thanks

One of those drinks that

One of those drinks that looked better on paper than it turned out to be.  In all fairness, it wasn't awful, but it was overly sweet and somewhat syrupy.  Furthermore, I don't the apricot liqueur works here - even at 1/4 of an ounce it's overly strong and really seems to stick out a bit.  It might be interesting to try this one again by subbing in a ginger liqueur instead.