Port of Haifa

Smoked Havana Club Cocktail
1 38 oz Cuban rum, Havana Club 3
23 oz Ruby Port, Dow's
1 oz Lemon juice
23 oz Simple syrup
5 lf Sage (muddled)
1   Smoke (Bourbon-soaked sawdust)
1 lf Sage (as garnish)
Muddle sage gently, add all but sawdust, shake, double strain, chilled coupe (or on the rocks). Smoke with Bourbon-soaked sawdust under dome, garnish.
Soak sawdust with Bourbon for 24 hours.
I always wanted to create a cocktail for the very big cocktail nation of Israel (!?!?). I found a picture of the port of Haifa -- just a simple port picture with a lot of mist. I took ingredients from all over the world, because Haifa its a huge port and gets boats from all corners of the world. To add something look like mist, I smoked it with my own Buffalo Trace Sawdust!
Port of Haifa
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I cleaned up this recipe a

I cleaned up this recipe a bit, both to fit our style guidelines and to ease the Swedish-to-English translation. Thanks!