Psycho Killer

2 oz Irish whiskey, Redbreast (12 Year)
34 oz Campari (Cacao nib infused)
12 oz White Crème de Cacao, Giffard
12 oz Crème de Banane, Giffard
2 ds Absinthe, Vieux Pontarlier Verte
Stir all ingredients, strain into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. No garnish.
Cacao Nib Infused Campari: add 2 tbsp cacao nibs to a 750ml bottle of Campari, infuse for an hour, strain and rebottle.
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The recipe in the The Dead

The recipe in the The Dead Rabbit: Mixology & Mayhem book has just regular Campari. I made it since it was one of the few recipes in the book that didn't require an infusion or other difficult ingredient. I know with regular Campari, it was an unbalanced sugar bomb especially when it warmed up a bit. I had to force myself to finish it, but I could see it being a good pairing with dessert.