Second Spring

An ode to autumn.
1 oz Applejack, Lairds 100 proof
1 oz Manzanilla sherry (San Leon)
1 12 T Cinnamon Schnapps liqueur, Goldschlager
1 12 T Kummel, Combier
1 12 T Ginger liqueur, New Deal
1 12 T Allspice Dram, St. Elizabeth
2 ds Saffron bitters, Barkeep
1   Cinnamon stick (as garnish)
Stir liquid ingredients and pour over large cube in large old fashioned glass. Ignite one end of cinnamon stick and quickly extinguish by placing lit end into drink.
The liqueur measurements are a little tricky, so I recommend pre-blending equal parts of the kummel, ginger liqueur, alspice dram, and Goldschlager (probably 3/4 oz of each, which will yield four drinks' worth), and then using 3/4 oz of that mixture in your stirring vessel instead of the individually measured liqueurs.
The name is taken from Albert Camus, who said, "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
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