Siege of Constantinople

Sweet, and just a little bitter.
1 38 oz Raki
12 oz Vodka (Chile-infused (for at least a month, strong heat))
2 t Gomme syrup
5 dr Bitters, Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas’ Own Decanter (I haven't tried substitutions, but orange bitters could work)
1 38 oz Tonic water (The flatter the better!)
Stir briefly in a bar glass to release some gas from the tonic, then shake (carefully and quite slowly as the remaining gas will still try to open your shaker). No garnish. Serve straight up in a frozen small tumbler.
Bitters: I used Jerry Thomas' Own Decanter bitters from The Bitter Truth - haven't tried substitutions, but I can see orange bitters working. Chile-infused vodka: mine included a chipotle among the various varieties I added (including dried New Mexico Red, dried Piquillo and fresh 'Demon Red'), and this added a very slight smoky note that fitted very well with my idea for the cocktail.
Invented as an experiment for the first use of a batch of chile-infused vodka. I was attempting to capture some of the sensory pleasures of a recent visit to Istanbul (from where the Raki was obtained), hence the name.
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