1 oz Aquavit, Aalborg
1 oz Rum (Pick a rum you'd sip neat for dessert. I used Kirk & Sweeney 23 year.)
1⁄2 oz Ginger syrup
1 sli Orange (big thick slice, about 1cm, from a wide part of the orange)

Everything into a shaker with big hunks of ice: give that hefty orange wedge the regal shake (-ish, you want the pulp in there too). Strain into a highball, pile some ice in there, top with a couple of ounces of tonic water, and then garnish with a nice pretty thin orange slice floating on the drink.


This feels like a total brunch drink.

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Posted by laerm on 7/21/2021
Created by
Saga Söderback
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author's original creation
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Not yet rated
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