1 oz Scotch Liqueur, Atholl Brose
1 Underberg bitters (= approx. 3/4 oz)
1⁄4 oz Madeira (sweeter style)
1 rinse Scotch (Auchentoshan Three Wood)

Stir and strain into rinsed glass.


The rinse is mainly for aroma, and could probably be discarded if not available.


This started out as a Daywalker, and morphed a bit. Lots going on here, with a great midpalate and clovey-anise finish that's all Underberg.

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Zachary Pearson
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Not yet rated
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Good to see a cocktail calling for Underberg. Is any of the El Dorados/Lemon Harts a good substitute for the Plantation rum, and is Drambuie a workable substitute for the Atholl Brose?

To answer both questions, probably. I need to restock Underberg, and I'll make one with ED 5 and post the results.