1 oz Gin
1⁄2 oz Amaro, Cappelletti Sfumato Rabarbaro (Zucca will work here too)
1⁄2 oz Aperol
1 twst Grapefruit peel (As garnish)

Stir with ice, strain into an old fashioned glass with ice, and garnish with a grapefruit twist.


After posting my Dark Entries on Instagram and receiving the comment by Haus Alpenz's Jake Parrott that the "50:50 rabarbaro and red bitter is a classic café drink in the Veneto – one of many drinks in Italy to get the moniker 'mezzo-mezzo'," I was inspired to tinker. I decided to use that duo of Sfumato and Aperol in a classic Negroni, and I dubbed the result the Veneto Negroni (and not the Mezzo-Mezgroni).

Cocktail summary
Picture of Veneto Negroni
FRY 2022
Posted by yarm on 11/22/2022
Created by
Frederic Yarm, Somerville, MA
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author's original creation
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