Waltz #2

34 oz Pisco
34 oz Dry apricot brandy, Blume Marillen (or gewurztraminer)
34 oz Lime juice
34 oz Elderflower syrup
Shake, strain, up. Optionally, garnish with a fancy lime twist.
The Gewurz and dry apricot brandy obviously make different drinks, but both complement the other flavors and work at these ratios. The Gewurztraminer version is Waltz #1, the apricot is Waltz #2.
From other users
  • Stone fruit and pear flavors. Works with gin too.
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aphonik's picture

Very nice. I made this with

Very nice. I made this with Blume Marillen apricot eau de vie and St-Germain instead of elderflower syrup and it came out quite well. It's bracingly tart but not overpowering; like a really fresh limeade that tingles the tongue and keeps urging that next sip. The more ethereal apricot and brandy elements linger delicately on the palate while the elderflower and lime do most of the heavy lifting. It's a nice combination of flavors, something well suited to summer. Garnished with a fancy lime twist because why the hell not.

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Thanks Eric. I imagine it's

Thanks Eric. I imagine it's tarter with St. Germain than with elderflower syrup, and some might like a barspoon of simple added.