Pierre Ferrand is a  small producer in the [ingredient=cognac Cognac] region of France. While the Ferrand family is quite ancient in the region, the brand Pierre Ferrand was revitalized in 1989 as a join venture between the Ferrand family and Alexander Gabriel. 

Pierre Ferrand makes Cognac exclusively from vineyards in Grande Champagne, the heart of the Cognac region. Distillation happens in winter, using 10 pot stills that are only 25 hectoliters capacity. They also own nearly 250 acres of vineyards in Grande Champagne. They age their Cognac in barrels with many different toast levels, and in cellars with differing levels of humidity. 

The Pierre Ferrand range is broad, and of exceedingly high quality: Ambre, which spends around 10 years in barrel, Réserve, around 20, Esprit des Dieux, 25, and Selection des Anges, 30. These are all fairly readily available. In their upper tier, Abel is 45 years old, and Ancestrale is nearly 70. They also make a limited amount of Cognac called Collection Privée -- vintage Cognacs from 1975, 1973, 1972, and 1914. 

Pierre Ferrand also owns other spirit brands. Citadelle Gin and Vodka, Landy, Cerbois Armagnac, Daron Calvados, and Plantation Rum are among the most well known. 

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Some popular cocktails containing Pierre Ferrand

  • Marseille, July 4th, 1895 — Byrrh, Demerara Rum, Gran Classico, Cherry Liqueur, Pelinkovac, Cognac, Bitters, Grenadine, Rose water, Lactart
  • Sel de la Mer — Manzanilla sherry, Cognac, Herbal liqueur, Maraschino Liqueur, Bitters
  • Ordet — Cognac, Aromatized wine, Triple sec, Suze, Lemon peel
  • The Duke — Cognac, Amaro Montenegro, Sweet vermouth, Bitters, Orange peel
  • No. 41 — Cognac, Amaro Meletti, Bitters
  • Aviary's Bitter — Brandy, Apple brandy, Bonal Gentiane Quina, Amaro Nonino, Lorenzo Inga My Amaro, Peychaud's Bitters
  • Respect Your Elders — Cognac, Elderflower liqueur, Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters, Lemon juice, Elderberry jelly
  • Planchette — Cognac, Curaçao, Rye, Lemon juice, Orange juice, Cinnamon syrup