Respect Your Elders

A sweet red sipper
1 12 oz Cognac, Pierre Ferrand
1 oz Elderflower liqueur, St. Germain
12 oz Lemon juice
1 t Elderberry jelly (with 1 tsp water)
8 dr Cherry Bark Vanilla Bitters, Bittercube
Gently warm (microwave) a fat teaspoon of wild elderberry jelly with a teaspoon of water, to make a smooth syrup. Add to other ingredients and stir. Fine strain into a rocks glass over ice.
A little clumping of the jelly is normal, but fine straining removes that. Have also made this drink straight up, either shaking with ice, or stirring and fine straining into a well-chilled Irish coffee glass. Either Pierre Ferrand Ambre or 1840 works well. The elderberry jelly is available from American Spoon.
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