Absinthe Suissesse

1 14 oz Absinthe (or Herbsaint)
12 oz Orgeat
2 oz Milk
1   Whole egg
6 oz Ice
Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until slushy. Pour unstrained into a Collins glass.
Some people add a dash of orange flower water to the top as a garnish, and substitute cream for milk. There is another version of this drink mentioned in Stanley Clisby Arthur that has a bunch of creme de menthe in it.
A traditional New Orleans breakfast drink.
From other users
  • I like Chris Hannah's Version: 1 oz absinthe, .5 Herbsaint, .5 white crème de menthe, .25 orgeat 1 egg white, 1 oz. half and half https://imbibemagazine.com/absinthe-suissese-recipe/ — ☆☆☆☆
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Zachary Pearson's picture

So my bottle of $30 Pernod

So my bottle of $30 Pernod absinthe was staring at me tonight, and I decided to make one. I decided to put half a dozen drops of orange flower water on top of the finished drink, which I think is a very nice touch. As I'm sitting here drinking it, I'm realizing that even though Pernod absinthe is 136 proof, there's 8 3/4 oz of other stuff to knock down the alcohol. There's something very nice about the absinthe + orgeat + OFW combination, and at the first sip, it hits me - the OFW brings out a lot of minty notes from the absinthe in the drink. I'm now beginning to suspect that the mid-30's Suissesse (from Arthur) was full of creme de menthe to add mint flavors back into a drink that had lost mint flavors when absinthe was banned in the US in 1915.



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With orange flower water and

With orange flower water and good orgeat, this is a top 10 drink for me, especially on hot summer afternoons. I use just egg whites, not the whole egg. Thanks for posting a version with OFW and thanks for the fascinating hypothesis on the 30s version.