Abstract Truth

simple Boulevardier riff using 2 high proof amari
1 12 oz Scotch, Bank Note
1 oz Amaro, CH Distillery (or Cynar 70)
1 oz Amaro, CH Distillery (Dogma Bitter Dog, or Zucca Rabarbaro)
1   Grapefruit peel
Stir, strain into a chilled old fashioned glass. Garnish with a long expressed grapefruit swath, curled inside the glass. No ice.
The Chicago-based CH products aren't nationally available as far as I know. The CH Amaro is a high proof amaro (40%) infused with cacao nibs, sub with Cynar 70 and a dash of Scrappy's Chocolate Bitters (or other chocolate / mole bitters). The CH Dogma Bitter Dog is very similar to Zucca Rabarbaro.
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