And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out

This is one trippy drink...
2 oz Dry vermouth, Dolin
34 oz Pineapple juice
34 oz Martinique Rum, La Favorite (Blanc)
1 ds Lactart
1 bsp Orange flower water
Shake, Strain, Up.
This piles weird flowery aromas on top of one another - elderflower in the vermouth, honeyed flowers in the pineapple, funky/vanilla flowers in the rum, soapy ones in the OFW. The Lactart makes it take off in a totally different direction, so that it almost tastes like the absence of a drink, until you focus.
This started as a bad punch with dry vermouth + pineapple. Looked at the Algonquin, which is meh. Became frustrated - they should work...
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Thank you for naming a drink

Thank you for naming a drink for a Yo La Tengo reference other than Autumn Sweater, which bartenders seem to love. This looks interesting—I wonder whether it'll work with Noilly Prat.

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Rafa, Probably not - you need


Probably not - you need the elderflower underpinning of the Dolin. It certainly is interesting, though. My wife seemed to think it tasted like grape Fun-Dip. To me, it's almost like drinking a really good Muscadet - where it's almost neutral, but shimmers around the edges with flavor - only the flavors here are like that Japanese gummy Muscat candy.